Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We Could Be Cows! - ACOT/Page Maps Sketch Challenge #68

Photo: Get in on this week's Sketch Challenge and Get BONUS POINTS! 
Whew!  Talk about last minute.  This week's sketch is due tonight.  I got it done yesterday, but got busy doing other things and was unable to take photos of my layout.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and feel like I channeled a little bit of Nicole Jones (nicolejones911 on You Tube) in sticking with mostly a monochromatic look, which is something I don't typically do.
 I kept this layout mostly teal and navy with slight pops of tan and grey.  I added the tan because of the overwhelming amount of it in the photo and the grey ties in with the background.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I'm usually really averse to putting two shades of the same color near each other (I was very hesitant to add the teal cardstock next to the polka dot paper on the right) but was pleasantly surprised at how well I instantly liked how they looked together.  The one thing I'm not particularly in love with is how hard the read the journaling looks from afar.  The paper itself is already tilted so I think that is the main issue for me.  However, for once, my journaling turned out decent (nothing to fix) and I really didn't want to have to do it over again.  In person, it's not as difficult to read, so I left it as it was.

 Here is where I can explain the point of this layout a bit.  My 3 year old loves playing with his little brother and several months ago, he got in the habit of locking him inside of the baby gate.  The baby gate is intended as an extra space to keep the dogs from running free when we get home (particularly from grocery shopping) so it's no big deal that the boys are on the other side of it.  When I noticed him locking his brother up, I would tell him to let him loose, that he didn't want to be in there, to which he would respond, 'but he wants to be a cow'.  I can only assume that one of his shows had herding cows on it and that bit somehow stuck with him.  I don't know...I don't particularly pay too much attention to what is on.  It turns into quite a fascinating thing for me because he is constantly saying new things or telling me things that I didn't know he knew and I can only attribute it to Nick, Jr., Disney, Jr. and Sprout.  It turned into quite the game.  I would ask him to let his brother free, stating that his brother didn't want to be a cow and he'd say 'but we could' and then he'd run off and join his brother and they'd be cows together.  It absolutely cracks me up and I'm happy to have this memory documented.  I scrap a lot of special occasions and milestones as well as about their relationship with each other, but I don't have many layouts recording their creativity and imagination.  I can't wait to scrap another layout of a photo take right around the time this photo was taken of my 3 year old wearing a cape we got him for Christmas.  My husband managed to catch him mid air like he was taking off in flight.  My boys seriously fascinate me.

 I will be the first to admit that one supply I have a bunch of is speech bubbles.  Not only that, but vellum and transparency speech bubbles.  Both speech bubbles and see through elements are things that I struggle to use, but for once, for once, I was able to use at least one of those elements and not struggle to figure it out, give up on it, or cut off the tip and turn it into a circle or oval instead of a speech bubble.  This to me is the PERFECT embellishment cluster and it just makes me happy.  This speech bubble is an October Afternoon Flash Chip and the 'moo!' is written out in Studio Calico Essentials alphas.

I'm not much better at using frames, either, so I was happy to include a couple of them on my layout.  I used this darker teal one on this side of the layout to offset the teal scallop piece on the opposite side of the page.  I backed it with a part of a 3x4 cut apart from the same Webster's pages sheet that the 'Today' card backing my photo came from.  The one touch of me on this layout was realizing that Pisces (my sign) is showing, even better that it's right next to the heart.  I doubt anyone else would notice, but it was a happy little coincidence to notice that after I cut the it out.

This last cluster ended up with a bit of change.  It left a gap above the frame that showed a very minute amount of the background and I really didn't like that trapped space.  After prying the frame up and moving it just a quarter of an inch, it was so much better.  I used a random piece of a hexagon die cut (I had to cut it down to fit behind the frame) that I had and a piece of Crate Paper 'Boys Rule' vellum to back it.  I loved the vellum on it's own, but this frame overlapped so many pieces that there was no way it would look right without something behind it.  I may have to play with some more of these October Afternoon frames and backing them with vellum.  Goodness knows, I buy a fair amount of vellum and never use it.  In fact, the little piece I used here is the first time I've used any of the two sheets I have of this vellum.

Let me know if you like this monochromatic look.  If you follow anything I've posted, you'll notice that this isn't a typical look for me.  Thanks for stopping by!


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