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Project Life - Weeks 9 & 10

 I have put off starting on this spread for a while...mostly because I fall behind on my other challenges because I work on my Project Life layouts over the course of 3 or so days.  I'm hoping to be able to get the layout done that I had to put off while finishing this up, but if I don't, I'll live.  That being said, trying to get this put together as quickly as possible for my blog resulted in several blurry photos, so for that, I apologize.  I am so excited that this was my first ever use of inserts and I used not one, but two of them!  :)

 I kept my title card pretty simple.  This card is from a Studio Calico kit and it was the first card that I found and liked which made it the basis for my color scheme.  I actually think I've used some form of teal in every spread so far.  I added a pop of red because I noticed there was quite a bit of red in several photos.  I LOVE these Thickers (found them for half off during a trip my husband and I took up to Orem at a scrapbook store called 'Pebbles in My Pocket) but am a bit irritated at how large the numbers are compared to the alphas.  I intended to put the entire title under 'hello' but it didn't work and I had to improvise.  I added my trusty Teresa Collins alphas underneath and that was that.

 It will probably take me a while to not look at the journaling card on the left and avoid getting sad.  I had a really AWESOME card there from one of my kit subs (which means, there was only one) and after getting my journaling down perfectly and dating the top, I somehow managed to get ink on my thumb and smudged a thumbprint smack in the middle of the journaling.  There was no saving it.  This one is okay, but the other one was a nice bracket outline which gave it more color but also a bit more 'oomph' because it wasn't a standard grid.  I added a ton of these Studio Calico hearts and on this one in particular, I added a geotag pointing down to signify the journaling went with the photo below it.  The journaling on the card to the right is very hard to read here, but in person it is completely legible.
 I didn't do anything to this photo because I felt it was nice to look at on it's own.  This was a very rare occasion where we had a photo of our older son and his hair wasn't a frizzy mess!!  I may end up having to make this it's own layout in the future.  I included it here because I printed up two copies.

 My boys love to spend their dad's lunch break with him.  For a couple of weeks, my oldest would open the door and if I didn't tell them to close it, they would sit and play while waiting for my husband to come home.  I love that this was sort of an unintended (almost) silhouette image.

  I knew this was going to be documented at some point.  The pj's that my son is wearing are winter themed...complete with snowflakes and a winter hat on Elmo.  When the house gets too cold at night (their room gets the most of the a/c for whatever reason) we are actually STILL putting them in their winter pj's and's the desert... :)

I'm not so sure I love the cluster in the top corner, but I needed something to journal on there and really wanted to include the Evalicious tag, so I clustered everything as best as I could.  I may end up going back and changing this if I find it bothers me enough...but usually I forget about it and don't bother.  This photo cracks me up so much!!  I included it because I just don't think there is enough places to document this photo!  We sometimes take photos in the bathtub and I make every effort to not photograph parts that shouldn't be documented and this day, he wouldn't sit still.  After having to delete several images, I told him to hide his boy parts, so he crouched down and decided to use his blocks as a shield.  I couldn't stop laughing!  He saw me using this photo and had no problems with it, but he's still 3...I'm guessing he won't feel nearly as okay with it when I show this album to dates later on in life. ;)

This is one of the inserts.  It is nothing more than the scores from the 6 games that my husband and I played while bowling.  We started with two and kept adding to them until we started getting tired.  We apparently came at a really good time because the games were only .75 each or something crazy like that.

 This is my insert documenting the activities that took place when we celebrated my birthday as well as some of the things that I was given that I loved.  My proudest achievement of this layout is that red card on the left.  It is from the Just Add Color kit that I've had FOREVER and have sifted through on occasion but haven't used a single time (not even the embellishments) before now.  The red was perfect.  I specifically went looking for red and I think I searched for 20+ minutes before I thought to look in the JAC kit and there were actually 3 decent options.  Two were this red and the third was a bit darker but this ended up being the best option for me.  For the middle card on the right, I stamped 'happy birthday' on the banner and it turned out really crooked, so rather than toss the card, I cut out a second banner from another card in the Sunshine core kit and layered it over top with an MME date label.  I still have a perfect 4x4 card left from the card I borrowed the banner from that can be used on a future layout.

 This is another simple card that I just used a tag from my embellishment drawer to journal on.  I've recently changed my organization for my embellishments and while I don't have photos of the old system, I will hopefully be able to do a post about how I'm storing them now in the near future.

 I love getting flowers.  I know many people might not, but whenever I get them, I take pictures galore and have to document them.  The journaling here was about these flowers and about the card that I received that I included photos of in the insert.  I added my favorite washi tape layered twice for more impact and another of the Studio Calico hearts.  I alternated journaling pens to keep the colors fun and bright throughout the entire spread.

Here is an example of an error that was an EASY fix and gave a bit more impact to that part of the journaling.  I had initially written 'three' before looking at the photo of the final score and realizing, we aren't good enough of bowlers to have that high of an overall total from 4 games.  So I fished out the print out that we got when we were done bowling and verified that we actually played 6 games.  The fix was easy with some Teresa Collins stickers and I even like the focus it brings to the card.  Having to verify the number of games we played and finding the print out also enabled me to include it in this spread right away because I had forgotten about it until I was second guessing myself.  Blessing in disguise, I guess.

 Initially I wasn't going to include this photo but then I realized just how photo heavy this spread was of my oldest.  Here I thought I took more photos of my youngest, but this spread proved that I do take somewhat of a balance, just not always in the same time frame.  I'm still getting the hang of layering labels and while I'm not in love with this one, I love the color balance it has.

 These two cards were kept relatively simple with just a touch of washi, a date stamp and journaling.  I love the color balance and didn't want to mess that up with embellishments.

Not only is this a photo that I absolutely love, but I love the simple cluster of puffy stickers and a label.  It is simple and straight to the point.  I wasn't sure how I was going to journal on this photo but knew I wanted to say something and when I stumbled across this Evalicious puffy sticker, I knew it was meant to be.

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