Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project Life Weeks 13 & 14

 I changed up the photo format for this week because of the page protectors.  For any images that appear really small (like the one above) you should be able to get a nice clear image that is much larger if you click on it.  I used the Gossamer Blue April kit as well as bits from both the April Cocoa Daisy DITL cards and the scrapbook kit for this spread.  The hardest part about this layout was finding a way for all of the photos to fit.  This is probably the highest photo count that I've had to squish into a spread and I probably spent at least 30-45 minutes on just that part.  I also worked on one side at a time (including the insert) so you'll notice a slight difference in the left and right sides as well.  The left side uses a lot of cardstock to mat photos while the right side is almost exclusively patterned paper.

I loved using the April scrapbook kit from Cocoa Daisy so I was very happy to be able to use more of it here.  This green bokeh print is one of my favorite papers ever, so it was only fitting to use it for my title card.  I used three different washi tapes from my stash, Studio Calico Essentials stars, MME Necessities teal enamel shapes, Jillibean Soup Beanboard Alphas in navy, and Studio Calico Essentials alphas to create this card.

I mixed the teal and navy on the journaling card since the photos that the journaling was referring to were matted in navy and teal.  The teal writing goes with the teal matted photo and the navy writing with the navy matted photo.  I tried to use the opposite colors for the arrows and the date stamp BUT the arrows in the blues looked more teal than navy.

I kept this card pretty simple and just kept it about my journaling with a strip of washi added for a bit more interest and to fill up some of the empty space at the top.  This pocket and the next are 3x4's side by side to fill a 4x6 pocket.

This is another one that I kept pretty simple.  I used the April stamp that came with the Gossamer Blue kit for the date tab and used the same tab to keep it tied in with the 4x4 photo that's on the insert that is part of the same story.

The photo on the left goes with the photo above with the navy and teal journaling.  The photo on the right could have used some journaling but this was one place where I just couldn't get it to fit and had to live with that.  Our youngest has put up with our oldest terrorizing him the entire time he has been mobile but he is finally starting to fight back, so I had to include the photo even if the journaling isn't there.  I may end up adding a tag pull out or something to it if I feel it really needs the story.  The green paper is a scrap from the Studio Calico Lemonlush collection that I had left in my stash and I loved how the 'hello' was prominent above the photo.

This photo was already documented in 12x12 format and given the issues I had getting the photo to reprint, I wasn't certain I wanted to include it, but then I remembered I have my Selphy (duh...should have thought about that before) and had no issues with it the first try.  I added a strip of washi to fill in the dead space in the photo and stamped a label and cut it out (the stamp is from an older Take Ten kit).  I also added a Dear Lizzy puffy heart sticker to tie in with the stickers that are on the right side of the spread and the insert.

The top photo on the left coordinates with one I mentioned above.  The two photos below it were related, so I cut down a piece of paper from the scrapbook kit (the backside of the bokeh paper) to 4x8 and then down to 4x4 to fit inside of the pockets.  I wrote the journaling on two strips of white paper and had it fill the empty space in both pockets.  The top photo on the right includes two pictures.  I washi taped them together and added a pull tab using the same Studio Calico alphas as before and another stamp from a different Take Ten kit.  I used a 4x4 yellow grid card, a strip of washi and then a piece of a 3x4 card from the Amy Tangerine Plus One mini kit (my initial journaling didn't work so I had to come up with a way to cover it).  The photo underneath is the front of the receipt.  I initially printed it to just to make it easier to remember the date it was from, but decided to add it in as a fun element.  The receipt was of my dad's birthday cake and given his ailing health, I thought it was a nice little thing to add.

This photo really isn't of anything special, but sometimes you get a picture that just makes your heart happy that you want to do something with it, so that's why I added it here.  My youngest has the sweetest smile and it's oftentimes difficult to get on camera.  I used a strip of the bokeh paper and layered a printable over it.  I added a few enamel dots and another puffy heart.

 Usually I go from top to bottom, but in this instance because of the 4x4 block of photos in the middle, this is actually the top right photo.  I kept this one fairly simple and used a label sticker that I made with my Silhouette print and cut feature (these aren't the Kaitlin Shaeffer ones, but I can't remember the source) for the date and another stamped label for the journaling.

 These were the most important photos of the spread to me.  My oldest likes to doodle but never lets me keep it...he usually gives it to me and when I try and put it in a place of honor, he yells at me to have it back and then it ends up ruined some way or another.  I wanted to make sure I included his artwork as well as my husbands.  He had asked his daddy to draw the whole family (including the dogs) and then wanted to make his own version.  I used some washi, several printables, and a leftover strip from a 4x6 Amy Tangerine Plus One mini card that I had cut down to 4x4 on the insert.  I also included two flair badges that I made using Gossamer Blue digital files.

 This photo ties in with the 4x4 insert and this is where I did all of my journaling.  The only thing I included on the photo on the insert that isn't documented here is the date since the photos were from the same day.  We spent a good amount of time in April playing at the park because the weather was really nice.  April is usually when we get to spend a lot of time outdoors when the sun is shining because it usually hits the 100's by May which means our outdoors time is limited to around sundown.

This is another cutesy photo that I wanted to include.  I honestly didn't get the whole dressing twins in the same outfit thing (especially because that means you have to have an extra large wardrobe when they fit the same size) but I actually think it's cute to dress my boys alike sometimes.  We ended up getting a lot of pajamas during a Black Friday sale that were the same but in each boy's size because the selection was limited.  I didn't add much journaling to this one because it really wasn't necessary but I used a label sticker (same source as the other one, not sure who I got it from, but I found it on Pinterest) for the quick journaling and another label from the Sn@p line that came in a kit for the date.  My goal was to try and get as many of the four major colors into each pocket as I could.  If the pockets coordinated, I didn't try as hard since they weren't a solo element, but I loved the color palette and wanted to use it as much as I could.  So in addition to the enamel dots, I added a green puffy heart to add the fourth color to this photo.

Pretty simple spread, but I spent several hours here and there over the course of several days working on it.  My biggest challenge was finding places for my journaling and balancing the 3x4 vertical and horizontal photos that filled 4x4 pockets without them all looking the same.  The narrowness of the vertical photos also made journaling a little tougher, so I added my journaling sideways on several pieces.  I also had to take into consideration the different papers that I used on both sides and had to try and bring them together through the embellishments.  Each side had something used more on it than the other so I added touches on the opposite side for an attempt at balance.  This was a good challenge for me since I don't usually have this many photos.

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  1. Denise... you do a great job with your Project Life - I don't do it because I have nothing that changes or is interesting enough. But your boys are beautiful. And your colors, style and layout are great. I'm following.

    1. Aww, thanks so much! My kids definitely make my job a lot easier because they can distract from any design flaws my projects may end up with, haha!! I just started it this year in it's true form but have been doing this type of scrapping for photo heavy events for a while. I scrap solely based on sketches and it's hard to find any that have space for a lot of pictures so it takes the guess work out of it. I decided to give it a whirl this year just to see how it goes. I am definitely slow, but I love that I can get so many smaller moments documented that I may not scrap in a full 12x12 layout so it definitely has it's advantages. I don't know if I'll ever be 'caught up' but even a few months behind is fresh enough for me to remember most of the details. It's also a lot more to look at and go through in an album, I love how it is starting to look now that I've really made some headway!

      Thanks for following!