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Project Life Weeks 11 & 12

Wahoo!  I can finally post this spread.  I had to retake all of the photos because the light I was using last night was not the greatest.  I would really love to figure out how everyone is getting such bright and vibrant photos of their spreads (many are on light wood backgrounds, so maybe I need a few planks for photographing, haha).  I stuck primarily with the March Gossamer Blue kit because I really wanted to use the luck themed cards on it since this spread includes St. Patty's Day.  What I wasn't expecting was all of the extra work to make it happen.  My Cameo didn't want to cut any of the digital files correctly so I ended up hand cutting things and I had to do some serious stash searching for coordinating colors because I don't typically use a lot of off-white.  I like the cleaner and brighter look of a pure white base.  I pulled veneer, rub-ons, washi, and three sets of alpha stickers from my stash.  Beyond that, almost everything came from the kit.

 This was the plainest card in the color palette I was using (I didn't want to use the pink) that worked for my title.  The one true title card said 'this week' and since I document two weeks at a time, that one didn't work for me.  My biggest struggle was finding alphas that worked and every alpha besides the October Afternoon alphas I used for the dates that worked with the color palette were gold.  That left me with a very gold heavy title card and I didn't want that.  I lucked upon these two rolls of slightly metallic washi in my stash (I think I got them for .19 at Michael's a couple of years ago during a 90% off clearance sale) and simply layered them on the card.  Initially I didn't have any where the date was, but it felt like the date was floating away from the elements that were anchored by the washi.  Because of how much washi I used here, I didn't feel compelled to use it anywhere else on my page.  Instead, I stuck to using my gold dot washi everywhere else.  The 'our beautiful life' label is a printable from the kit, the rub-ons are Chic Tags and the veneer is Freckled Fawn.  The 'weeks' letters are Thickers and the '11 & 12' is Studio Calico.

 These cards were left pretty simple with just a bit of washi, another printable, veneer and journaling.  I also added Wink of Stella clear  to the veneer and the heart in the printable (I went a little crazy with the Wink of Stella and added it to almost all of the veneer and to several printables as well).

 The two pockets with hair cut photos were a bit tricky.  I wanted to include a couple pics from my DSLR (I'll be doing a spread later just of my youngest to document his first hair cut) as well as the two I snapped on my cell phone.  After realizing I had a ton of photos that would eat into my journaling space, I opted to crop the cell phone pics and layer them on top of the nicer quality DSLR photos.  I am really happy with the end result.

I used the stamp from the kit to make the title, but the 'h' in the didn't want to stamp well (even stamping twice caused the same problems) so I pulled a card from the kit (so the off white base matched), stamped on it and then layered it over the 'oops' stamping.  I added some of the gold dot washi and a flair I made from the printables for the kit.  I actually would have added more but the right side of the spread was starting to feel too heavy since that is where most of the flair ended up. The photo and card were layered on a 4x6 card from the kit that I didn't see myself using (it had an assortment of brush scripty hearts but since one was pink, it was in my 'not likely to use' pile).

 This was another simple journaling card.  I kept the photo plain and kept my embellishing to a minimum on the card.  I found a date stamp that had this really cute squiggly line on it and thought it would look nice layered on top of the printed banners.  I am really happy with the result.  I added a heart enamel dot from the kit (the set is from Chickaniddy Crafts...the Date Night collection, I believe).  I also added some gold star rub-ons from Chic Tags.

 This is the other layered photo.  I was able to leave this one a bit larger because there was more space next to my son, but I kept the embellishing to just the printable label and some more Wink of Stella over the star.

 I left these photos plain.  The only thing I did with them was back them with a lined 4x6 journaling card that came in the kit.  I submitted my photos to Costco with a border (I made them in Pic Frame) and the borders printed on the top, right and bottom, but were completely cut off on the left, so I had to trim all of those photos down to smaller than 3x4.  My 1 year old's hair grows SO FAST (we didn't get our oldest a first hair cut until he was almost 2 1/2 because of his curls) and I love the photo on the right because of how fresh his haircut is.  We're going to have to get it cut again this week.  *sigh*  I loved the once a year hair cut thing verses every few months!

 The card on the left is the reason I wanted to stick with this kit and I'm really happy with it.  I added washi to the top and layered a printable over top of it.  To tie the cards together, I added a simple clover flair to the photo on the right and called it done.

Sorry for the glare here (this was the only one I couldn't get to lay flat enough for a photo).  I had set all of my cards and photos up and left the layout.  Somehow between then and when I sat to work on them again, there were two nasty gouges in the green on my son's PJ's so I either had the option of waiting to get it reprinted (I have horrible luck with photos turning out well at home and didn't want to dig for another card to use as a mat since I had a tough time finding what I already used) 

 I sort of got tired of anchoring all of my embellishments to the edge, so on this one, I added a strip of washi and offset the journaling block (another printable)   I added another flair and although it's hard to see, I also added a star rub-on to it on the bottom left of the heart.

 I just HAD to add this picture.  I never leave the house with my boys on my own because my 1 year old is always cranky.  It's usually after a nap and no matter how well he's slept, how well fed he is, this is how he acts when I'm out in the world alone.  If my husband is with us, he's completely fine!!  It's the 3 year old who runs off when daddy's around (although, I have to give him props that he knows I struggle with Parker so he's really well behaved when I'm parenting solo).  I initially added the flair to the right corner of the photo because I thought it was so funny, then I thought it would be even funnier if I gave him his own little raincloud since he clearly wasn't happy I took this picture.  There is more Wink of Stella on the three veneer arrows and a few more rub-on stars around the date.  I added one to the corner above the first 'm' in memories but then didn't like it.  After rubbing for a good while with my adhesive remover it came of completely.  Because of the issue I had having to crop all of the photos I had done at Costco, I had to back this photo with something.  This part of the layout didn't have much of that matte gold, so I used a card that I didn't want to use.  It's a full 3x4 that says 'lucky to have you' but on the horizontal side is a much smaller version of that phrase.  I cut it out with an Exacto knife to use later.  I didn't realize later was going to be the same layout at the time!

This is where the 'lucky to have you' ended up.  I really like it here because it helps balance the big frame (from a prior Gossamer Blue kit) and adds more of the matte gold/tan color.  I layered over the frame another printable that was cropped a bit smaller and just noted that the photo was taken the same day as the one above it to prove he was in a good mood at some point!  I added Wink of Stella to the heart on the veneer and to the heart in the printable.

I am really happy with how this layout even after the hours and hours I messed with my cameo to get the printables to cooperate.  I'm thinking of starting the next spread tonight but we'll see if that happens.

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