Friday, May 23, 2014

Project Life - Weeks 7 & 8

 I kept this week's spread very simple.  I used a variety of cards from kit subscriptions as well as from my Stampin' Up kit.  The color palette this week was black, teal, red, and an orangey yellow.  Initially, I was worried that I wouldn't have enough photos to work with, but thanks to my Selphy being handy, I was able to find 4 more photos from my phone and print them out side by side to fill a few more pockets.

 This title card is way busier than what I normally use, but it looks just fine on the layout because of the weight many of the 4x6 photos give the rest of the spread.  I used some Thickers from my stash that I got at Marshall's, some washi tape, my new Teresa Collins mini alphas, and a couple of enamel dots.  I originally hoped that the alphas would work against the black pattern without anything behind it, but it was quite apparent that wasn't going to happen.  I toyed with the idea of layering the teal washi like I have in the past (and as I did on the February card near the end of the photos) but I really liked how the pattern looked through the teal.

 I didn't have many photos from Valentine's day that I hadn't already scrapped, so I stuck with a photo of my boys (below), the card I received from my husband, and a photo I took at a slot machine where I won a bit of money.  We had planned to gamble for a bit (we never gamble so it was a treat for us) and after the show, we were considering where to go play and I ran into my favorite machine, ever.  My Mom funds gambling when she visits so she has people to play with her and every time I've played at this particular game, I've won.  This wasn't a ton of money compared to my other winnings, but it was enough to pay us back for our dinner and have us walk away with money for the night.  Because of the day Valentine's fell on this year, my husband had to take off from his second job, which is primarily tip based, so it was nice to basically sit down for 5 minutes and win a decent chunk of change to offset him not working that night.

I got these Fancy Pants die cuts from the February Gossamer Blue kit and didn't think I'd use them.  I forced myself to find a few pieces to use since the next time I'll go searching for these kinds of pieces will probably be next Valentine's day and I like how they look.  The off white background on the tickets I used helped to tie in with some of the cards that didn't have a white base.  To top it off, I added a heart from Chickaniddy Crafts.
 This is probably as simple as it gets.  I added a label and the date in Stampin' Up Bermuda bay and called it done.  I had planned to go back and add more to most of the plain cards, but after two days and my sons' playing too close to the layout, I decided to call it done to avoid anything happening to it while I thought about what to add.

 The left card is the journaling that goes with our Valentine's Day night out and the right is a home improvement project that we've been working on.  I added a pop of red with this Sn@p label and that was it.

 I have to say that photos like these are among my top reasons for liking Project Life.  I probably wouldn't spend 2-3 hours (that's how long any time of layout takes me...minimum) on a 12x12 page focusing on my son finally starting to brush his own teeth with 'real' toothpaste but it fits in great with this type of memory keeping.  All I used here was the backside of a journaling card from Cocoa Daisy, added the date, journaling and a touch of washi tape to tie in with the piece I added on the facing page.

 I was not sure what I wanted to do with this photo because there were two very different dead spaces on it.  Ultimately, I decided on a simple clear sticker from MAMBI and a circle lable for my journaling.
 The right card is probably one of my favorites!  I love that camera.  I love how everything turned out here, even though it was still very simple.  My only complaint is that my pen 'fell' off the card when I was writing the 'a' before ponytail, but it's done and I'm not wasting such an awesome card.

 The right side of this card contained the tail part of a speech bubble and chances of me using it as a speech bubble were slim, but I like the organic shape of it to help balance out the blockiness of this layout (there are no rounded cards).  I'm not sure how I feel about the three different elements of text at the bottom that are lined up like that, but I didn't find the banner until I had stamped 'let's go' and again, I wasn't going to waste the card. :)

This photo may have warranted a 12x12 spread at some point, but it fit perfectly here.  I used a 4x4 card from the Stampin' Up kit, cropped the photo and lined them up on my work mat to make it 6 inches long.

 I have to admit, the card on the left was one of the first and easiest cards I selected for this spread.  It was absolutely perfect for this photo and between this one and the camera card, I can't decide which one is my favorite from this spread.  I didn't really have much to say about the photo since the check mark in the 'silly' box summed it up nicely, so I swapped out the journaling card I had had on the right with the February calendar card from the Gossamer Blue kit.  I originally didn't have a spot for it and knew that if I didn't use it on this layout, it probably wasn't going to get used so I was more than happy to switch them out.  Besides the title card, I think this ended up being the only filler card on the layout.  The bottom of the card had lines for more journaling and I didn't have anything to say, so I layered a couple pieces of the teal washi tape to completely hide the lines and then added a bit of washi.  I may go back and 'x' out the dates for the layout, but I haven't decided whether or not I want to do that, yet.

I usually keep my layouts about my kids or family activities, so it's nice to toss in things that are going on with me or my husband as well.  Add that in for reasons why I like PL.  The only downside is that I wish this was a happier memory to document.  I also realized after doing the journaling on this card first that the bolder tip of the pen I was using was making it hard for the words to be legible.  I did this card first and didn't want to change it, so I switched to the 01 AC precision pen for the rest of the layout.  It definitely stands out a bit more, but since this is the only non happy memory, it is almost fitting that the journaling looks different than everything else.

I'm pleased that I'm still making progress and that my next layout will push me into March.  I'll even get to document something about me which is something that I don't usually do.  I think the only layout about me was scrapping my 25th birthday right when I started this hobby. 

Let me ask you guys this:  Am I the only person who finds themselves looking mostly through kit subs, cut aparts, and mini kits before anything else?  I have 10 full core kits (many I've split) as well as partials that I've purchased and I don't find myself using very many of those cards, at all.  I think I'm a bit overwhelmed with all of the options!

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  1. Oh my gosh your two kids are so cute! I have a few core kits too and find it difficult to use them up. I've started grabbing a few cards from each kit that match with my kit club cards and putting them with those kits so I remember they are there.

    1. Thanks! They make it easy to distract from even the most 'meh' of layouts. ;) I'll try that out! I need to come up with a better system. I'm definitely getting quicker (and less picky about perfectly matching) so I might be able to get a few more cards to mix better. :D