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Project Life Weeks 3 & 4

Hi there!  I know I'm still quite behind on my Project Life but I'm okay with that.  I'm getting caught up a bit at a time and am not so far behind that everything has fallen out of my head just, yet.  I decided to try something a bit different with this post and that is including close ups of each 4x6 section.  That means this will be a bit of a photo heavy post.  Please let me know what you think, like it or not.

It always surprises me that I end up reaching for the supplies that I show the least interest in when buying.  What I mean by that is, I drool over certain products and HAVE to have them only to put them away in my stash and not touch them for months but there are products that I hardly think about when buying them and they end up being the first things I touch.  I find they end up being the easiest to use, but maybe it's that I spend so much time anticipating those coveted items that they aren't as special when they get to me and seem 'old' already.  Who knows.  What I do know is that I REALLY enjoyed using this PL kit.  With the exception of the card that the Ikea photo is on, every card came from the new Stampin' Up kit.  Almost all of the stickers are from Sn@p by Simple Stories because they worked so well with the colors I chose to use from the SU kit.  The exceptions being the clear/white stickers that are from Me And My Big Ideas.
 I had a bit of an oops using this card.  I didn't get a good impression with the date stamp that I used and my attempt at correcting it failed miserably.  Rather than waste the card, I decided to work with it.  I covered the mistake in took three layers to be totally opaque, but it was far easier to do that then to cover a strip of cardstock and cut it down and I have about 400 rolls of washi, I can spare some for cases like this, haha!  I also flipped the card upside because it was too top heavy with the strip at the top.  The green sn@p alphas I used didn't have a dash so I stole a piece of a 'Z' from the green that matched it from another pack (the normal alphas rather than the block font).
 I originally was only going to have the bottom strip of the teal showing on the photo, but decided I liked the look of it framed so I cut it down a bit more.  I purposely left a bit of the grid at the top showing because it looked odd having two tiny rectangles visible on the side of the banner (or whatever you want to call it) at the top where I did my journaling.  I kept the road trip card simple and just added a Basic Grey veneer from the Capture line.
 This ties in with the road trip card.  Ever since I discovered Ikea, our trips to see family in Southern California has really turned into shopping trips to Ikea for me.  Last year, we rented a van to go so I could get some Alex drawers and Expedits that had been on my wishlist since I started scrapping.  It was only a 2 year wait, but it was so awesome.  The extra space in the van versus my Civic actually pushed us over the edge to consider buying one and we ended up doing so last fall.  That means, I can pick up furniture EVERY visit if I wanted to.  But...I should add that it's a very practical vehicle to have as well.  When we went grocery shopping in my Civic, if it included picking up diapers we had to go home to drop them off before getting actual groceries or we couldn't get everything to fit properly.  Not a problem anymore!  Really's about the Ikea trips. Haha!
 This card was meant to be a title card, but I thought the lines would be perfect for a touch of journaling.  I already had to mat this photo so I might as well take advantage of the lines.  Unfortunately, my last order included my first PicFrame pictures that had white lines around the edges.  EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. had the line on the right side cut off so I had to crop all of them.  That is the biggest reason why almost all of my smaller photos are matted.  I am trying to base PL on things that I wouldn't necessarily scrapbook otherwise and for me, that's photos taken from my phone.  Since they aren't usually the best quality, 3x4 is typically the best route for me to take and I liked the look of the borders on the app.  Looks like I can't do that in the future and may even end up with width issues.  I can't tell if this is a Costco problem or the app, but we'll see next batch, I guess.
 I kept both of these fairly simple and just added a touch of journaling, a sticker and an enamel dot.  The best part about using Stampin' Up's Project Life kit is that I have markers and ink to coordinate with many of the colors.  I don't remember what green is in the kit, but I don't think it's Wild Wasabi which is the marker I used.  It doesn't matter to me as they look nice together.
 Here's another one that I kept simple.  This photo is from my DSLR (as was the 3x4 photo above and a couple of other 4x6's, I matted none of them because there was so much matting going on already) so it fits the full pocket, thankfully.  My boys were fascinated with their cousin and my youngest was not very happy that there was another small person on my lap.  He whined the WHOLE time and kept attempting to climb into my lap.  They were both quite fascinated and I felt like this was definitely PLworthy.
 This card just had some stamping, enamel dots and washi added.  I used an October Afternoon phrase roller (I think it's the everyday one) for the 'this is good stuff' and then added the washi and enamel dots.  That left a gap above my journaling.  I thought about this before writing, but I didn't like the idea of having my journaling so high up because I worried it would look like it was floating.  My logic being that I could always fill the space up with something else but it would be awful difficult to cover it up if I decided to change it after my journaling was completed.  I ended up breaking out one of my Heidi Swapp mini stamp sets from Michael's that I had to have the week they hit stores but have yet to actually use until tonight.  The orange is Tangerine Tango and the teal is Bermuda Bay.  The box doesn't actually tell you the colors included, but I'm pretty sure those are the colors that are featured in the cards.
 These two cards go together, but after looking at the same background for both, I decided they would look odd backed in the same color.  Even though there aren't any duplicates, I realized that this card had a horizontal AND vertical version (it says HI on it) but the chevrons in the background are the same when held vertically so they would have looked like the same card behind these photos.  I tried to include touches of all three colors wherever I could and using similar stickers here reinforce the idea that these two photos belong together.
 This photo CRACKS ME UP so it had to be the star.  I added a bit of journaling to explain why he was making this face, a few enamel dots and that MAMBI sticker (quite fitting, if I do say so myself).  I do daily photos of my children and some days my oldest gets fed up with them and makes the strangest faces.  Usually when we say to 'smile big' he gives huge grins and closes his eyes, but not this time.  This time he decided to give me a big smile and open his eyes as wide as he could.  He's a riot!
 I don't know if I will scrap anymore photos from this day, but I have a few and picked one of the two that were horizontal.  Yes, this was January.  Yes, we were still cleaning leaves.  What can I say, we live in the desert.  When this was taken, we finally lost all of our leaves and literally the next week new ones were budding.  I think we had old leaves until February or something last year because of the unusually warm winter and this past fall they started falling earlier than normal.  It's actually kind of shocking they weren't all gone by least it's shocking to me, anyway.
 The card on the left goes with the Elmo photos above as well as the lamp photo.  When I laid my photos out, I knew this pocket was going to serve double duty so I found a pretty basic card with a lot of journaling lines so I could tell both stories.  I ran out of room at 'broke' on the bottom but I'm sure it will be something that can be deciphered later on.  By the time I got to the journaling on this card, I actually forgot what was going on.  I dated the sticker for the Elmo photo when I had stuck it down to the right side of the card and realized it should have been on the left and the date should have been further to the right.  It was an easy fix, though, as I just mimicked the same look on the bottom label and then colored veneer arrows with the same markers I used for the journaling and layered them on top of the stickers.
I seem to like this look, a lot.  I haven't been at this long, but between PL and my holiday/big event spreads, I find myself doing a lot of photos in 4x6 pockets with smaller sections for journaling.  In this instance, it wasn't by choice (and it wasn't with the photo of my organizer being finalized in an above photo, either) because these were horizontal photos that I wanted to include but didn't want to have printed at the full 4x6 size.  The only thing I made sure of here was to use the opposite pocket as the organizer photo at the top since the journaling was on the same side.  I have to make a conscious effort to put my journaling on the left hand side because I like the look, but it's also easier to have my journaling left justified.  I LOVE the bright airmail stripes on this one.  It makes for a very fun look.  This is the one card where I went with a circular sticker instead of a banner or square edged piece, but it was the only place where it seemed to fit well.  The only problem was that I couldn't use my date stamp due to the smaller surface area.  I don't like that this is the only place I wrote the date in because it seems a bit unbalanced but because it's such a small area, I'll live with it.

I'm VERY happy with how easy the Stampin' Up kit was to work with and am now thinking that I need to add the coordinate embellishment kit to the order I plan on placing in June as well as the embellishments to another PL kit that I want to buy (that kit is already on my list, though).

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think about the abundance of photos


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