Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our Little Helpers - Scrapbook Steals MWM Daisy #3


Here is this week's Scrapbook Steals Mid Week Mojo sketch.  It was just posted yesterday, so you still have lots of time to enter if you are interested.  Please click here to be directed to their blog.

Today I had a major moment of realization.  This is probably the most I've scrapped in a given time just because I want to (yes, I use mostly challenge sketches but that's because it's an easy source that gives me one option rather than searching among thousands online) and my layouts are now taking me far less time than they used to.  Even using sketches my process was 4-5 hours for even simple layouts.  I would spend an hour or more just looking for photos and papers to work with whatever sketch I had on hand and then another 2-3 hours actually scrapbooking.  I've now been able to knock the entire process of searching to creating to around 2 hours for everything.  I am not being as strict in my need to match papers to photos and am finding it easier and easier to go with the flow for every layout I complete.  I have always loved the shopping in this hobby, but with how long it usually takes me to get things done it can feel like a chore to actually sit down to do a layout.  Now, though, I am enjoying everything about it and am keeping my fingers crossed that this mojo sticks around for a very long time!!
 For this layout, I dug out some older product from Echo Park.  The line is called Little Boy.  I have so much of this collection, it's crazy.  I found it at Hobby Lobby the summer before last and it was on sale for $5 or something like that, so I bought two and then I received more in a swap several months later.  I was quite happy to put it to good use.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  I had to get creative since I didn't want the 'little boy' type themes on the page.  No cars, trains, phrases, etc.  For the stickers I did use, I cut them down or layered to hide the elements that I didn't want.  It resulted in lots of naked white space, but since there isn't a lot of white in the overall layout, it didn't bother me.

 I used the alphas from the alpha sheet included in the kit, but added in the orangy-yellow alphas from the Simple Stories Sn@p line to have all of the words in a different font.  I staggered and tilted some of the alphas to keep everything from being blocky.

 I had a lot of fun with this cluster and I knew before I even started the layout that I was going to layer the scallop stickers up here.  I later added a label from a cut apart sheet and made a couple of banners with scraps.  I originally did not have the banners, but I felt they were necessary to balance the layout.  I wanted to reflect as many colors from the main photo element up here as i could.  I LOVE how it turned out.  The Basic Grey metal stars are a really nice added brightness.  I am always worried about how metallic elements will look on a page but here they work.  Everything is so bright and cheery so their reflective nature add to the brightness.

 I added mist to the three areas with embellishing and even though you can't see it on the photo, the Navy Heidi Swapp Color Shine stands out even on the navy polka dot paper.  It also ties in with the metallic stars.  I used another piece of from the cut apart sheet (this collection pack is so old that instead of a glossy wasted paper showing the contents, the cover page is cardstock and the backside is cut aparts...later prints of this collection had a separate sheet for the cut aparts with a light blue and white polka dot on the other side...I have both versions) for my journaling as well as the label that has the star on it.  The dashed partial circle is from the sticker sheet.  There was a boat or something in the middle so I just cut off the parts around the image that I wanted to include.  I also staggered the color of enamel dots in all of the clusters.  Using such a variety of colors was a lot of fun.

This was the hardest cluster and while I'm still not 100% sure I love how it turned out, considering how specific the coordinating sticker elements were for the collection, I'm happy with the final product.  I originally only had mist on the background but went back and added more.  Of course the drops didn't come out the same as before.  The initial splatters were very small, but adding them here in the same manner somehow resulted in much larger drops.  I'm still happy with how they turned out and wasn't willing to risk something going horribly wrong by adding any larger drops to the other clusters.  The extra mist here was definitely necessary since there is so much empty space.  To tie in with the top cluster, I added another piece of the blue scallop border sticker and as with both other clusters, there are metal stars and enamel dots.

I'm very happy with this layout.  It was fun to make and the colors are just so much fun to look at!  I hope you like it as much as I do.  Thank you so much for stopping by!


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