Sunday, May 18, 2014

Not So Lucky - Scrapbook Steals MWM Daisy #4


This is the current week's sketch for Scrapbook Steals.  If you are interested in participating in the weekly challenges, you can view this week's blog post here.  I wasn't really in the mood for 12x12 scrapbooking much this week, but I wanted to make the deadline for this sketch (I still have one more sketch challenge to do this week) so I sat down to scrap a photo that definitely needed documenting.  Unfortunately, this layout just didn't come together for me the way I would have liked.  I had problem after problem.  First, I cut my ONLY sheet of patterned paper WRONG and then I had to print my photo about 8 times after ruining the two Costco prints that I had on hand.  I've been having so many problems with finding an adhesive that I like since running out of my favorite runner's refills (the company is no longer in business and the only place that I know of that has any of it left is Scrapbook Steals in their archive) and rather than fight with the runner I had been using since the refills tend to fail about halfway through and never work properly, I grabbed my ATG.  I really don't like this thing, it's bulky, goes on crooked, and now I can add to it that the adhesive isn't at all forgiving.  I can't wait to find an adhesive that I actually do like, preferably one from a long standing company so I don't have to worry about not being able to find it anytime soon.  On to the layout, though.

Just about everything I used is from 'A Charmed Life' from Simple Stories.  I did add some Sn@p alphas from Simple Stories, MME Necessities Alphas (in the blues), and my trusty October Afternoon 2010's date stamp as well.  My biggest struggle was trying to figure out if wanted to add something over top the blue camera paper where it overlapped with the flower paper but in the end, I couldn't decide on something that I liked and just left it once I decided to add a small cluster to the upper right of the photo.

 I absolutely adore the color palette in this collection but it's all about luck and happiness.  Meanwhile, the photo is of my one year old after he fell flat on his face and gave himself a terrible fat lip.  I figured the easiest solution was to go with it where I could and modify it as needed.  Here I used the Lucky element from the chipboard stickers and added Not So to it.  I then added a chipboard arrow to emphasize that it really wasn't a lucky day for my poor little guy.

This cluster was left relatively simple with the Sn@p alphas layered on top of a label from the bits and pieces package from the collection and a cut apart element from the 6x6 paper pad.  I have a need to have a bit of dimension wherever I can sneak it in, so I also layered a chipboard heart over everything.

I initially had the journaling spot where the sketch indicated that component was to go, but the way I layered the blue camera paper with the photo mat left me with a huge section of the mat as trapped space.  This was the point where I gave up on it and let it sit for the night.  When I came back to it today, I decided to move the journaling over.  I must have been very sleepy last night because it should have been an obvious solution from the get go.  I took a heart die cut from the bits and pieces and chopped off the arrow bits.  I liked the arrow but it was too long.  To make the journaling visible I would have had to move it further right and I would have been stuck with that pesky trapped space issue again.  Instead, I layered a yellow arrow over top the printed parts of the arrow that I couldn't cover any other way.  to add a touch of navy to the cluster, I finished it off with a polka dot heart.

This wasn't anywhere close to being in the plans when I sat down to work on this last night.  I just didn't think there was enough space to fit anything up there.  Once I realized I had a blue alpha set that went well with the navy in the papers, it was easy.  The '!' wasn't going to be added, but the 'ouch' didn't fill the entire white space of the label and I didn't want a random bit of it to be left showing.  Talk about an easy fix.  I think this was the easiest part of the layout to throw together.  Lastly, to tie it in with the other clusters and to add a bit of dimension, I added a chipboard heart, making sure to overlap as many different elements as I could.

And there you have it!  Thanks for stopping by!


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