Monday, May 5, 2014

My Three Valentines - Scrapbook Steals MWM Sketch Daisy #2

I completely threw myself out of my element with this week's Scrapbook Steals sketch, which can be found here.  I have had a kit from Cocoa Daisy sitting since I got it.  I have tried to get myself to use it, but every time I try, I decide against it and go for something else.  This time, I actually succeeded in using it.  I used PINK all over the place.  The absolute hardest thing about using pink when it's not a color you use often is that you have hardly anything from which to pull from.  My red inks and markers really had to serve as my pinks in this case and it worked with some heavy watering down and mixing of yellows in some cases as well.

 I didn't end up with a great photo of my men on Valentine's day.  As you might imagine, they can be quite uncooperative at times.  I still wanted to document the occasion with the best photo that I could find.  I originally intended to take pictures of just my two littles, but managed to sneak my husband in for a few shots. 
 My title was pretty easy to come up with.  The hardest part was actually accepting that I either needed to use these Thickers (my usual haunt has yet to get the grey ones in and I really LOVE the font) or get rid of them.  So, with a heavy sigh, I caved and used them.  Pink and all.  I tried my best to emphasize the yellow by using several pieces of yellow cardstock as anchoring pieces.  I felt that was my middle ground for giving into the pink.  This side of the page felt a little unbalanced when I was looking over my final product.  To pull the eye into this area of the page, I added the resist heart and inked it in grey.  There isn't a lot of grey on the page so adding this element pulls your eye toward it.
 I am insanely glad that I purchased two sets of these watercolor cards from Cocoa Daisy because I wasted two trying to figure out what the heck I was doing (this was after testing everything out on a piece of watercolor was the debossing that was the troubling part).  The second one would have turned out well but I tried a pink ink that wasn't SU thinking, all dye based inks are the same, right?  WRONG.  That ink completely ruined the debossing in the middle of the image.  I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out so it was worth the extra work.  I used some generic water brushes that I had without any troubles.  I originally tried acrylic paint, water and mixed in white with each color to tone it down but it ended up very heavy.  The watercolor brushes and the Stampin' Up ink worked like a charm.  I love how clearly the words stand out.  The only problem with this softer look is that it got a little lost on the page once all of my other elements came together.  To correct that, I pulled it up and inked the edges very heavily in Daffodil Delight ink.  It is still subtle but it has enough weight to it to keep it from getting lost.
 There were two flairs in this kit, one was a black @ with a cream background and this was the other one.  As soon as I went searching for embellishments and found this one, I knew it had to end up on the page or it probably wouldn't be used.  I wanted to feature hearts and arrows in my embellishment clusters so I was pleased when I discovered my resist chipboard arrows had some circular ones that fit perfectly under the flair.  I added a resist heart and ticket to add in a pop of pink to this cluster.
The 'together' banner was originally colored halfway up in a light pink marker and then inked over entirely to give it a two tone look.  I was going for the same look (but opposite color dominance) as the heart to the right of it, but I don't have a good pink ink, only a marker.  The effect isn't the same, but it works well enough for me to still like how it turned out.

Let me know what you think.  Be it your thoughts on the layout or (if you know me) the fact that hell must have frozen over for me to have used pink on anything. ;)  Thanks for stopping by!


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