Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let's Go On An Adventure - Scrapbook Steals MWM Rose #2 Catch Up

I kept this layout relatively simple, but I'm still very happy with the results.  I managed to snag the  collection I used (minus the sticker sheets that I got at ACOT) before most stores had it last year.  Somehow Hobby Lobby got a lot of brand new releases very early last year and the BEST part about getting this paper pack is that it is the 'good stuff'...double sided instead of single.  I had to have it as soon as I saw it, have had it almost a year and today was my first time even trying to use it.

I am still playing catch up with the Mid Week Mojo Rose series (the deadline to have them posted is tomorrow night) and now only have one to go.  To check out the blog post related to this sketch, please click here.

I've noticed that the general brightening I've been using (rather than the more accurate way I was taught) has actually been darkening my photos while it brightens the layout itself.  Because the photo I scrapped today is too awesome not to see up close, I decided to show off the photo.  My husband hates that we take photos everyday (but he still does it, even after every birthday passes and he says he's stopping after that birthday...because he loves me and knows I'd probably curl up in a ball and cry if it stopped) but he usually gets the best photos.  There's nothing special about this day, but some of my favorite photos are the artsy ones that he takes and this is one my absolute very favorites.

The angles are tough for me as I really like straight lines, but it's nice to be pushed out of your comfort zone every once in a while.  Because I didn't pick up the die cuts that went with this collection and only had the sticker sheets, I used mostly paper elements for the embellishing.  I made tags with the SU tag topper punch and a couple of banners.  To bring a little fun to the title, I added a sticker arrow and a veneer arrow.  Everything here (except for the Thickers) are from the Dapper Dan collection from Glitz Designs.
 I moved the title over to the right side of the layout because I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of embellishments.  Because I used large fonts, it helped fill this space and anchoring it with the photo looked nice.  I was originally going to keep going with the angle theme and line up the title to the green paper, but I just couldn't do it.  Between that green paper and the wood grain chevron paper, I was already out of my comfort zone and didn't feel like I needed to push it further.  One MAJOR problem to working with angles is that even with things ARE straight, they look crooked.  I must have moved around 'let's go' five or six times before being semi-happy with it.  The advantage I had working with the angles was that the background paper was a grid, so I was able to set a ruler up against them and line things up with the grid.  In the instances where I didn't align things directly to a line on the grid, I did my best to line everything up with my work mat.  I've had those wood grain alphas for a while and was happy to use them.  Normally I wouldn't use such a dark brown color, but since I had two tons of wood grain papers on the layout already, I used it to help them jump out a little more.  Considering how dark the alpha is, I'm shocked it doesn't make a bolder statement.  I added a couple more touches with the sticker arrow and the veneer arrow solely because of the minimal embellishing.  The veneer arrow was chosen to balance out the other two that had already been placed on the layout and provide a visual triangle.
 This veneer is from a Basic Grey collection.  There was also a tag/banner piece that said 'let's go' that I considered using in the cluster beside the photo but felt it was already tag heavy.  The lighter color here stands out nicely.  The contrast didn't photograph well, but it's definitely there in real life.  Initially the chevron/arrow paper was just a strip, but I decided it was looking too blocky.  I considered adding another tag element but didn't think it would fit so making a second banner that would tie in with the banner next to the photo seemed like a good idea.  I'm very happy with the result.
This was the first area that I began working on once my papers were decided.  This was my make or break cluster.  Given that I didn't have a lot of embellishments, I knew that I was going to have to figure out a way to make the paper server that purpose or the layout wasn't going to come together.  Basically, if I was unable to figure out a way to make the paper fit in this cluster, I would have ditched the idea of using this collection and moved onto a different one (and likely would have ended up hunting down some embellishments that coordinated...this really is a very specific color scheme and these particular shades aren't prominent in my stash).

I don't go overboard when it comes to use of embellishments, but I don't usually do something this plain or simple, either.  Because of how bold the papers are and nicely they work together, I think it looks rather nice.  However, I may still hunt down some more embellishments because this will continue to be a tricky collection to work with without them.  I also find the embellishments in this collection to be very themey despite the versatility of the papers.  There are a few arrow stickers and general use alphas and word stickers, but for the most part, the theme of being handsome, dapper, that sort of thing take over the coordinating embellishment pieces.  If I can't find some more general pieces in any embellishments, I may end up having to stick to using this collection for dressy type photos in the future which would be unfortunate given how much I love the bold colors.

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