Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Teeth - Scrapbook Steals MWM Sketch Daisy #5


Here is a peek at this week's Scrapbook Steals Mid Week Mojo.  If you want more information or to participate, check out the blog post here.  Initially, the plan was for me to tackle this tomorrow because my husband and I were going to go on a day trip to Utah (6 hour drive each way) but I had the notion to check the business hours of one of our stops even though I was certain they'd be open today and their Facebook page stated that they were 'closed until Monday' under the hours of operation.  I managed to call and get in touch even though they were closed so I could confirm which meant completely changing our plans around.  I'm glad to find out before leaving, even if it was at the last minute than to have driven up there and find out but that left me with extra time last night.  I decided to try and start this layout.  After a few unsuccessful attempts with a few collections, I gave up for a while and came back to it with the decision to use my March Cocoa Daisy kit.  I used the same color palette as I did the last time I used this particular kit and oddly enough, used layering in both layouts as well.  The last layout was of my oldest and this one is of my youngest, so at least they won't be going in the same album. ;)

I'm not sure if it was the color palette that I used or what, but after building the paper layers behind the photos and letting the layout sit for the night, the first thing I decided to do when I sat back down to this today was add paper strips at the top and bottom.  Part of it might be that I've been matting my layouts a lot lately as a way to frame everything, but I am pleased with the extra interest the strips give.  I considered adding small clusters to the opposite corners on them, but decided that there was already so much going on in the center of the layout that it would ultimately be too distracting.  I'm not sure if this much 'stuff' thrown onto a layout is really me which leaves me still deciding how I feel about the final result.

I used some MME Necessities and October Afternoon chipboard alphas for my title, layered over it a Freckled Fawn arrow and a couple Studio Calico chipboard stars.  The striped block above looked too bare compared to the two dominant embellishment clusters, so I cut a strip of paper and put the dates of the photos on it.  I had been struggling to determine the best placement for the date, so this worked out to be the perfect location.  Update was the perfect word to add.  I typically don't use photos from different dates on a single layout, unless it's for Project Life, so it was nice to be able to use a stamp I wouldn't normally need.  I also included three strips of a glitter tape that I found at Target.  I have to say that it is not nearly as forgiving as washi and don't think I'll try it again for layering in the future.  I think it will serve much better as a base element.

 The green paper strip on the far left was added after the fact as a way to fill dead space.  I lined it up as best as I could with the green piece on the right to make it appear as though it was a single piece all along.  Building these types of embellishment clusters aren't my usual technique, so it was fun finding different textures to add here.  This cluster consists of the bottom of a Whisker Graphics bag, a piece of polka dot silver vellum from Stampin' Up, Studio Calico labels and stars, and flair from a {flair} for buttons.

This cluster consists of the same elements with the exception of the arrow.  The arrow is either from Freckled Fawn or 2 Peas in a Bucket, I'm not sure which.  I needed something to into the paperclip that I added above the title and I decided on the white because it was a nice pop against all of the heavier grey elements.  It is all so simple to explain, but it took me a lot of messing around, digging through my stash, and pulling apart glued layers to reach this final result.  Individually, the clusters are appealing to me, but I'm not so sure if the embellishments work with the photos or competes with them too much.  Let me know what you think!

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