Friday, May 2, 2014

Christmas Dinner - Scrapbook Steals MWM Rose #7a Catch Up

There were two sketches for week 7.  I chose to take on sketch 7a on the left based on the photos that inspired me.  If you would like to find more inspiration based on these sketches or want to find out what the Mid Week Mojo is all about, check out the blog post for Rose 7 by clicking here.

Today is the last day to enter for the big drawing for completing all ten sketches in the Rose series.  I was quite happy to meet the deadline although I had hoped to get the sketches done the weekend before last.  Life was just a bit busy and more important things were going on.  Before you scroll down to check out my take on the sketch I chose to use, please be warned that the photos are FAR from great because of all the gold.  I don't usually use metallic colors in my layouts, so I was unaware of the issues they would pose when being photographed.  I've done the best that I can using a few tricks, but they still aren't the greatest.  The glare wasn't friendly to the photographs and the color was difficult for photoshop to 'understand' and properly adjust the colors to look more like the images do in real life, so it was a double whammy against me.  Hopefully you'll be able to get an idea of what it looks like because it really is beautiful in person.  :)

 I am really hoping that close ups counteract how badly this one came out.  I tried several dozen photos and this was the best I could get!!  I used the Christmas line from Chic Tags for most of this.  The exceptions being the gold doily, the December card, 'Dinner' from my title, the star sequins, and the blue dots (those were from my stash of melted perler beads).  I also used the October Afternoon date stamp and Chocolate Chip ink from Stampin' Up to add the date.
 I really like the color combination and wanted to feature it some more in my title.  I didn't have a ton of embellishments that worked with this limited color combination, so I stuck (again) with mostly paper embellishments, but did find that the blue perler beads went quite nicely here so I used a few of those in each cluster.
 I am VERY pleased with how this turned out.  I wanted to use these labels (cut apart pieces from the manufacturing strip of one of the papers) and just couldn't make them work.  While going through my Christmas kits from Cocoa Daisy, I found this card that said December 25 (the 25 had a red circle around it so I made sure to hide that piece and I also cut off a strip of the right side to include in my other cluster) and stuck it under the photo.  I loved how it looked, but I wasn't sold on that much open white space.  I considered moving the gold doily, but before I did that, I stuck the labels on top and REALLY liked how it looked, so I kept it.  The sketch didn't call for anything in this open space, but I really think it adds a bit of extra white and that light blue which helps to balance out all of the gold going on here.
This cluster I kept pretty simple because there wasn't much space between the photo and the edge of the paper, but I did manage to fit most of the gold doily over here with a slight bit of it cut off.  Because it was such a large element, I didn't add too much more and opted to keep it even simpler than the other cluster but adding a tiny strip of that card under the photo and a few more perler bead dots and gold sequin stars.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope the photos aren't too hard on the eyes.


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