Friday, April 11, 2014

Project Life - Weeks 1 & 2

This is a day that I didn't think I'd see anytime soon!!  I actually completed a project life spread.  Let me tell you something, though.  It WAS NOT FUN!  Why?  Because I failed to do what everyone tells you not to do...acquire too much stuff.  I have partials of more than 75% of the core kits out there (full sets of several), mini kits, AND subscriptions to choose from and that much product makes finding a place to start VERY difficult.  After pulling cards (and in some instances cutting down 6x6 papers) for at least an hour and still finding holes to fill, I decided that I really didn't like the look.  I had so many colors that there was almost no cohesion to it.  I removed one color (orange) that I had used as a background because of it's presence in another card and later on removed that card and that color (yellow) as well.  Once I got to that point, I found myself really liking the color scheme: red, navy, teal, and neutrals (mostly grey, but there is a little bit of a light brown in spots).  I think my favorite discovery, though, was finding some Sn@p label stickers that I've had for a while and never removed from the packaging.  The issue I found myself having with these was that the first image is multi colored and therefore hard to match.  Having it out of the package should have been a no brainer, but I never thought to do that.  I only used a few stickers from the set but really loved the pop they provided.  One thing I love in project life that I see others do is add in labels and tags, neither of which I have much of (I have spend thousands on supplies over the years but *gasp* I actually still have gaps in certain supplies) so it was great to stumble on them.  Now onto my layout:

 There was no way I was going to not include red on this spread because of the 'you are my favorite' card.  My husband and I began our relationship in January, so that means recording our anniversary right off the bat.  I loved all the red/brown/black/white colors in the February GB kit and pulled two to use here (one on each page) and that was really the jumping point for the spread.  I also love all the navy showing up, but I don't have much of it, yet.  After scrounging around in my supplies, I managed to find enough to make it worth keeping in the color scheme and made sure to add it in wherever I could in the embellishments.  I never get to use more than one photo from my youngest son's monthly photos that we did up until he was 12 months and I try to include ones that are full body, so it was nice to include one that wasn't perfect enough for that special layout that I still liked.  I kept several cards on both pages plain and didn't even bother embellishing the purple flowers I got for our anniversary.  I figure, talking about our anniversary in the journaling on the 'you are my favorite' card was enough to make that obvious. I stamped dates here and there, wrote some in other spots, and also used my Pebbles roller stamp to add a few details on the photo of the Strip as well as the 'hello 2014' card to denote that we basically open the year celebrating every year.

I'll start off by apologizing again for the bad lighting.  I just couldn't get it (or photoshop) to cooperate with me.  The card on the top left is the card I mentioned above that I just had to use with this layout.  As you can see, I didn't so much to the outside cards in the middle and very minimally embellished everything else.  I actually added a Sn@p label under the arrow sticker in the top photo after photographing this because it bothered me.  I wasn't going to add anything to it, but when it was printing out, my husband's shirt somehow wound up with a very odd purple glowing spot on it that I didn't want to be distracting.  The bottom two photos are probably my favorites from this week and I may end up printing more for a 12x12 layout, who knows.  I really love that my youngest is starting to jump on in and get involved in activities that he couldn't really enjoy before and my oldest is accepting his participation very well most of the time.

I will warn you all about the second card in the middle row.  This is something new for Cocoa Daisy.  I think they changed printers or something because even the cardstock from the main kit this month was different.  These cards are super thick, but the ink comes off of them VERY easily.  I tried a paperclip and the ink on the right edge came off very easily.  I then tried to cover it up with washi and barely touched the edge with it and pulled the tape off to line it up and a ton of the blue came off with my tape.  Another problem was that as I tried to put it into the pocket, the card was a true 3x4 and even though I use MAMBI page protectors, it was too snug of a fit and I had to trim the cards down a bit on the sides.  While trying to stick them in originally, the washi started to curl guessed it...more of the blue started to pull away from the card.  Also a side note, I subscribe to their scrapbook kit (and only buy the Day In The Life kit or cards when I really like them) and noticed that they may have changed printers there, too.  The paper is glossier than it has been (I've loved the quality since they stopped collaborating with Simple Stories many months ago) and is much thinner than usual which is a big disappointment considering how amazing their prints were for April.

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  1. I have a few pages to do a Project Life style album. I had started putting a few things in it and haven't touched it since. My problem was that I was trying to set rules for it (like take a picture every day), which I don't need to...then I thought, I would do everything as weekly, but it turns out that doing it monthly will probably be my best bet (and it will take whatever amount of pages it takes). The PL album is for me because I do layouts for both my girls' albums, but would like something for myself too (and just everyday things like what I am reading, something the kids did, etc...). I think the key is finding a way to make it work for you, so that it doesn't bring on undue stress. Your pages are beautiful and I am sure it will get easier with time (just like any new idea or technique). Keep up the great work :)

    1. You sound a lot like me. I realized when I did a layout about hubby and I celebrating 10 years together that I never documented anything about us. I mean, we are in plenty of layouts, but the real focus is on the kids since they are the reason I have this hobby. Project Life is the easiest way to include things about all of our lives without having to dedicate full 12x12 pages to it. It also allows me to scrap about smaller things that I wouldn't necessarily document otherwise. I hope that I can keep up with it. I have some app suggestions that will stick my FB posts in a calendar for easier reference and I hope that one of them works the way I need it to so I can document things that I may talk about but not have photos of. It's definitely a big task but even though this layout took me way longer than normal, it is 2 pages versus one and many more memories documented all at the same time, so the time to adjust to the change is well worth it. Thanks for the encouragement, I really want to keep this up. :)