Monday, April 28, 2014

Change Of Plans - ACOT Sketch Challenge #66

For once, I was inspired to jump RIGHT IN with a sketch challenge.  This one was posted today on the ACOT boards and is due next Monday in case you are interested in joining.  I have had my dad on my mind for a few days and figured I could escape a little from my worries and put that energy into something positive by documenting a couple of photos that I absolutely love.  My dad has been getting progressively sicker over the last several years and in the past year or so it has gotten especially bad.  The photos that I scrapped with this sketch are from Father's day last year.  When my dad isn't feeling well, he's grouchy and because he's usually not feeling well, he's usually grouchy.  I tried to do something with him on Father's day in 2012 but he cancelled and ended up not even getting the card I made him because it was a month or more until the next time I saw him and it just didn't seem like it mattered much anymore at that point.  Because of the unpredictable nature of his various ailments, I didn't attempt to do much and figured the kids and I could visit after my husband went to work and instead, I focused on spending time with my husband and kids.  During the baseball game we were at, we got a call asking us if we were busy so we could have a family barbecue.  He was in a GREAT mood.  So, of course we were interested in going.  We ended up leaving the game a couple innings early and making our way over there.  I honestly can't remember another day that I've seen my dad that happy in recent years so it was definitely a memorable day.  My sister has some group photos that I need to get my hands on from that day, but until then, I still had these lovelies of him with my oldest son.
I spent a couple of months last year debating which scrapbook kit club to join and ended up going with Cocoa Daisy.  The papers used here are from the very first couple of kits that I received and I think I did one layout with that kit so it was well past time for me to use it again.  I also used some assorted Studio Calico pieces from my stash and even used my Silhouette for the first time in a while.  The photos I used were cropped to 3x3 so my circle didn't have the same balance as the sketch did.  One of the 'rules' I've heard over and over is about trapped space.  Well, the photo on the right being where it was enclosed the circle in such a way that there was a TON of trapped space above it.  After staring at the page for a few minutes, I decided to do some computer journaling and cut it to fit.  I took a grid card from a project life stack that I had, stuck it behind the circle and traced the part of the circle that would end up touching the right hand side of my journaling.  After I did the typing, I didn't want to use the journaling cards after all (I had intended on using one for each journaling space) and instead, I used a piece of white cardstock.  I was worried the grid lines would look odd unless I fiddled with the spacing to make them print out perfectly and I wanted as much space as possible to write.  I like the balance of the text being diagonal across the main focal point of the page.  I tested several different colors on the back to see what I wanted to use for the faux stitching and it was pretty clear that the white was the clear winner.  The white that I have is a gelly roll brand and I have no complaints (in case you are looking for one for yourself).

 The title used some really old Thickers, a set of blue alphas from the Studio Calico Essentials line and Jillibean Soup alphas that were included in the kit I was using.  The red tab was empty and I toyed with the idea of putting the date there, but instead used a phrase roller stamp to add 'what a day'.  The 'you are loved' sticker below is just a tad smaller than the brown banner that was printed underneath it so I took advantage of the space and added another pop of yellow and red to the page.  The circle was cut from a piece of Bo Bunny paper on my Silhouette.  The outside is a 7 inch circle and the inside is 6.25 inches.
 When I chose the red to go here, I was very hesitant at first.  The color was very bold and is quite hard on the eyes but it looks fantastic as a frame which was perfect here.  I also added a couple pops of yellow to draw the eye in.  I had the today tab on the bottom at first, but the blues of the chipboard sticker and the 'remember' tab didn't contrast enough, so I switched them.  I felt that the bottom right still needed a touch of yellow so I added a few enamel dots.
Here you have a better look at the photos I used.  The one in focus is my favorite of the two.  I LOVE the puffy stickers from Studio Calico and since I only have the one package, I really want to hoard them, but this was a special layout, so it deserved a special touch using a product that I really love.  I didn't do too much embellishing since the paper underneath the title had a lot of things printed onto it already, but I love the bit of dimension that the puffy heart stickers add.  They come in a few different sizes and I used two large and one small.  The small one fit perfectly above the journaling block inside of the circle to fill that bit of dead space where no text would fit without being broken up amongst multiple lines.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy this layout as much as I do.  It's not everyday that I feel like I've done extra special photos the justice they deserve and I'm quite happy with the results here.


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  1. Love the layout and pictures. Great memories to document :)