Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Wishes Card - Stampin' Up

First off, I have to say...it is SO MUCH EASIER uploading cell phone pictures than it is to upload DSLR ones.  It's also nice that the picture came out well enough.  I'm mostly taking the time to show off this project because I finally stitched on something that wasn't just for practice!!!  I also figured out how to thread my machine.  That was my biggest delay in actually using it.  Typically, I think about using my sewing machine when I'm in the midst of a 12x12 layout and without ever having figured out how to thread it myself, there's just no space to put it.  Add to that, that I don't want to interrupt my 'flow' and the sewing machine idea just goes to the back of my mind and ends up forgotten.  Unless of course, there is stitching on the sketch I'm using, but I digress.

The DSP is both sides of the same sheet and as far as I recall, it's something I picked up on the clearance rack and is a retired product.  Same with the ribbon.  I can't believe how much is on the spool of that ribbon and how big it is.  It's no wonder that they downsized from 15 yards to just 10.  I say 'just' as if 10 yards isn't a lot or something.  I've had this roll for at least a year and this is my first time using it, so even if it were 'just' 10 yards, it would still last me a very, very long time.  The sentiment is from the 'Petite Pairs' stamp and the corresponding stamp is used on the inside of the card.  The only parts of the card that are not SU product are the adhesive, the sewing (duh!), and the oval that the sentiment is on...but shhh, let's pretend it it really is Whisper White.  I originally thought I used all SU product and that little oval is the only thing making me out to be a liar!

If you ARE considering a sewing machine but aren't sure if you'll use it, let me tell you that I am NOT a seamstress.  Before Black Friday last year, I've never even touched a sewing machine.  Sure, I look at them at Joann's when I'm in there, but I'd never actually taken the plunge to sign up for any classes or to buy a machine.  So, if I can figure it out, SO CAN YOU!  I picked mine up for about $50 at Walmart last year and figured it was a low enough price point that I wouldn't hate myself if I didn't end up liking it.  $50 really isn't all that much for all the benefits of even a small machine.  The first thing my Mom and I did with it when she was trying to teach me how to use it was fix a belt loop that broke when I got caught on the baby gate at the top of the stairs the month before.  That fix alone would have been worth half the cost of the machine because I probably would have stopped wearing the jeans due to the annoyance the flailing around belt loop would have caused.

My biggest concern was where I was going to put it when it wasn't in use and it kind of just sat wherever I felt like putting it for a while.  Since it's such a small footprint, it fits easily just about everywhere.  In fact, when I decided to get a Raskog from Ikea in January, I had hoped it would fit inside the top basket.  It is indeed a perfect fit.  It only takes up about half of the basket and I just toss the pedal and power cord attachment beside it.

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