Sunday, February 23, 2014

Layout Share: 9 Months

I had my lighting redone on President's Day while my husband and I worked just as hard as the electricians and painted a very hard to paint (thanks to stairs that curve) area in our entryway.  The painting was about 10 months in the making.  I had painted just about everything that was easy to reach, so the paint lines were unfinished during this entire time.  We still have one side of the stairs to paint, but we ran out of time.  It took us about 7 hours to get 90-95% of the job done.  The electricians worked for about 8 hours and worked in 6 different rooms of the house.  This layout was the first one that I was able to make in my room since the lighting was done.  I didn't have to work hard to see anything.  I didn't even need my OTTlite until I took photos and even then, that was just to keep the flash from coming on.  It was awesome!!

For this layout, I used a Becky Fleck PageMaps sketch posted over on the message board at  I try to participate in their sketch challenges whenever they have them.  There is usually one every other week, but sometimes we'll luck out and get them in back to back weeks.  You can see the sketch on their facebook page if you aren't on the boards by clicking here.

I flipped the sketch and took some liberties with it as well.  I had to add the yellow journaling block because something inside me was screaming to use a white chalkboard marker on it.  It looked GREAT on the blue only strip of paper that I tested, but it looked just plain AWFUL and was impossible to read over top of the polka dots.  Rather than have to re-mist and pull apart everything to replace the blue paper, I just decided to use another piece of paper that I had been toying with for another element that didn't work out and added it to the page.  I'm not sure if I love the way this looks, but at least the journaling is legible and that's the important thing.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding products.  I am far too tired to try and put together a list tonight but wanted to keep the promise I made to myself of including my work here.


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