Monday, June 30, 2014

Building Family Traditions - Scrapbook Steals MWM Daisy #10

It's finally here!  Week 10 of the daisy sketch series at Scrapbook Steals (please click here to be directed to the blog post for this week's sketch and here for the blog detailing how to enter into the drawing for completing all 10 sketches in the series.  

 Just recently, on nicolejones911 youtube channel she posted a video of her using scraps to do a block layout.  I always love how hers turn out, so I wanted to give it a shot.  Then this sketch came out.  It was like it was meant to be.  I must have gone through several hundred photos before finding one that inspired me.  I am still way behind on holiday related events from 2013 (and let's face it, from the couple of years prior as well) and I found papers to work with easily so it was like it was meant to be.  The only change I may make before putting this layout away is adding a small veneer above my title, but under a time crunch and doing a lot of things today means I had to get this posted ASAP or miss the deadline.  I used bits and pieces from my Christmas kits from Cocoa Daisy as well as paper from my stash from the Christmas line by Allison Kreft for Webster's Pages and a few embellishments also from my stash.  The only area of the layout not photographed close up is the bottom right hand corner.  All I added there was a reindeer clip and a fabric tag from Little Yellow Bicycle (that was a Tuesday Morning find).

 This cluster was why I decided to add gold accents into the layout.  The stripes were too plain and the title didn't take up enough room on them to really make it a focal point.  I love how the gold doily really pulls you in.  I used both alphabet fonts on the sticker sheet from the Allison Kreft/Webster's Pages collection as well as a circular font from the winter collection by Fancy Pants Designs.  To finish off the title, I added a few enamel dots from My Mind's Eye.  As mentioned before, I will probably add a holiday themed veneer or two before putting this layout away to balance the large ornament tag veneer at the bottom of the page but will have to do that when I have more time.

 I took this photo at an angle like this to emphasize the dimension on the calendar and the photo.  After adding the flag paperclip to the upper left of the photo, I had to pop it off the page to keep that corner from sticking off the page.  To add another pop of gold, I added a piece of Chic Tags paper that I had already cut into a banner shape that ended up leftover from a previous project.  On top of that, I added a sticker from the same sheet as the two alphas in the title to tie in with the paper block on the upper left of the page.  I love the calendar element and on the blue paper (both cut aparts from the Webster's Pages collection) and it fills the space where a second photo was called for in the sketch perfectly.  I marked the date on the calendar and the writing on the blue card denotes that it was for 2013.

 I love these wood veneer tags that I found after Christmas at Michael's for only a few cents.  I knew I had to add one somewhere on the page and this was a great spot.  The red and white twine came from the kits.  I added a piece of the gold doily that I had left as well.  I also added another sticker from the same sticker sheet I used elsewhere and layered a few more of the My Mind's Eye enamel dots on top.

For once, my journaling fit the allotted space perfectly.  It was like I did it on purpose.  It looks a little tough to read here, but it is perfectly legible in person.  I talked about how my husband and I had looked forward to building traditions with our future family well before we even got married, the excitement we felt when we finally got to start after our oldest was born, our minor dismay with his non-interest in books prior Christmases and how great it was that he was finally interested in the stories and pointing out the objects he recognized this year (our youngest was also fairly content to sit and listen).  Above the journaling, I added another one of the Little Yellow Bicycle fabric tags and just love the extra texture that it provides.  Please note that these pieces come with foam adhesive already on them, but only a couple small pieces.  I had to add an extra piece to keep the center from bowing upwards, it probably wouldn't have been a bad idea to add more to it.  The circle tag didn't seem to require any extra adhesive, but time will tell how they hold up.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm thrilled to have completed all 10 without having to catch up.  It's been close to two years since I've been able to say that!!


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project Life Weeks 13 & 14

 I changed up the photo format for this week because of the page protectors.  For any images that appear really small (like the one above) you should be able to get a nice clear image that is much larger if you click on it.  I used the Gossamer Blue April kit as well as bits from both the April Cocoa Daisy DITL cards and the scrapbook kit for this spread.  The hardest part about this layout was finding a way for all of the photos to fit.  This is probably the highest photo count that I've had to squish into a spread and I probably spent at least 30-45 minutes on just that part.  I also worked on one side at a time (including the insert) so you'll notice a slight difference in the left and right sides as well.  The left side uses a lot of cardstock to mat photos while the right side is almost exclusively patterned paper.

I loved using the April scrapbook kit from Cocoa Daisy so I was very happy to be able to use more of it here.  This green bokeh print is one of my favorite papers ever, so it was only fitting to use it for my title card.  I used three different washi tapes from my stash, Studio Calico Essentials stars, MME Necessities teal enamel shapes, Jillibean Soup Beanboard Alphas in navy, and Studio Calico Essentials alphas to create this card.

I mixed the teal and navy on the journaling card since the photos that the journaling was referring to were matted in navy and teal.  The teal writing goes with the teal matted photo and the navy writing with the navy matted photo.  I tried to use the opposite colors for the arrows and the date stamp BUT the arrows in the blues looked more teal than navy.

I kept this card pretty simple and just kept it about my journaling with a strip of washi added for a bit more interest and to fill up some of the empty space at the top.  This pocket and the next are 3x4's side by side to fill a 4x6 pocket.

This is another one that I kept pretty simple.  I used the April stamp that came with the Gossamer Blue kit for the date tab and used the same tab to keep it tied in with the 4x4 photo that's on the insert that is part of the same story.

The photo on the left goes with the photo above with the navy and teal journaling.  The photo on the right could have used some journaling but this was one place where I just couldn't get it to fit and had to live with that.  Our youngest has put up with our oldest terrorizing him the entire time he has been mobile but he is finally starting to fight back, so I had to include the photo even if the journaling isn't there.  I may end up adding a tag pull out or something to it if I feel it really needs the story.  The green paper is a scrap from the Studio Calico Lemonlush collection that I had left in my stash and I loved how the 'hello' was prominent above the photo.

This photo was already documented in 12x12 format and given the issues I had getting the photo to reprint, I wasn't certain I wanted to include it, but then I remembered I have my Selphy (duh...should have thought about that before) and had no issues with it the first try.  I added a strip of washi to fill in the dead space in the photo and stamped a label and cut it out (the stamp is from an older Take Ten kit).  I also added a Dear Lizzy puffy heart sticker to tie in with the stickers that are on the right side of the spread and the insert.

The top photo on the left coordinates with one I mentioned above.  The two photos below it were related, so I cut down a piece of paper from the scrapbook kit (the backside of the bokeh paper) to 4x8 and then down to 4x4 to fit inside of the pockets.  I wrote the journaling on two strips of white paper and had it fill the empty space in both pockets.  The top photo on the right includes two pictures.  I washi taped them together and added a pull tab using the same Studio Calico alphas as before and another stamp from a different Take Ten kit.  I used a 4x4 yellow grid card, a strip of washi and then a piece of a 3x4 card from the Amy Tangerine Plus One mini kit (my initial journaling didn't work so I had to come up with a way to cover it).  The photo underneath is the front of the receipt.  I initially printed it to just to make it easier to remember the date it was from, but decided to add it in as a fun element.  The receipt was of my dad's birthday cake and given his ailing health, I thought it was a nice little thing to add.

This photo really isn't of anything special, but sometimes you get a picture that just makes your heart happy that you want to do something with it, so that's why I added it here.  My youngest has the sweetest smile and it's oftentimes difficult to get on camera.  I used a strip of the bokeh paper and layered a printable over it.  I added a few enamel dots and another puffy heart.

 Usually I go from top to bottom, but in this instance because of the 4x4 block of photos in the middle, this is actually the top right photo.  I kept this one fairly simple and used a label sticker that I made with my Silhouette print and cut feature (these aren't the Kaitlin Shaeffer ones, but I can't remember the source) for the date and another stamped label for the journaling.

 These were the most important photos of the spread to me.  My oldest likes to doodle but never lets me keep it...he usually gives it to me and when I try and put it in a place of honor, he yells at me to have it back and then it ends up ruined some way or another.  I wanted to make sure I included his artwork as well as my husbands.  He had asked his daddy to draw the whole family (including the dogs) and then wanted to make his own version.  I used some washi, several printables, and a leftover strip from a 4x6 Amy Tangerine Plus One mini card that I had cut down to 4x4 on the insert.  I also included two flair badges that I made using Gossamer Blue digital files.

 This photo ties in with the 4x4 insert and this is where I did all of my journaling.  The only thing I included on the photo on the insert that isn't documented here is the date since the photos were from the same day.  We spent a good amount of time in April playing at the park because the weather was really nice.  April is usually when we get to spend a lot of time outdoors when the sun is shining because it usually hits the 100's by May which means our outdoors time is limited to around sundown.

This is another cutesy photo that I wanted to include.  I honestly didn't get the whole dressing twins in the same outfit thing (especially because that means you have to have an extra large wardrobe when they fit the same size) but I actually think it's cute to dress my boys alike sometimes.  We ended up getting a lot of pajamas during a Black Friday sale that were the same but in each boy's size because the selection was limited.  I didn't add much journaling to this one because it really wasn't necessary but I used a label sticker (same source as the other one, not sure who I got it from, but I found it on Pinterest) for the quick journaling and another label from the Sn@p line that came in a kit for the date.  My goal was to try and get as many of the four major colors into each pocket as I could.  If the pockets coordinated, I didn't try as hard since they weren't a solo element, but I loved the color palette and wanted to use it as much as I could.  So in addition to the enamel dots, I added a green puffy heart to add the fourth color to this photo.

Pretty simple spread, but I spent several hours here and there over the course of several days working on it.  My biggest challenge was finding places for my journaling and balancing the 3x4 vertical and horizontal photos that filled 4x4 pockets without them all looking the same.  The narrowness of the vertical photos also made journaling a little tougher, so I added my journaling sideways on several pieces.  I also had to take into consideration the different papers that I used on both sides and had to try and bring them together through the embellishments.  Each side had something used more on it than the other so I added touches on the opposite side for an attempt at balance.  This was a good challenge for me since I don't usually have this many photos.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Dreams - Scrapbook Steals Daisy #9

Check out this week's Scrapbook Steals sketch here.  They are already up to #9 in the series, I can't believe there is only one week left.  I even did something that I don't typically do...stop in the middle of another project to get this one done.  After wrapping up weeks 11 and 12 of my project life album, I decided to immediately start on weeks 13 and 14.  I had a ton of photos that were rather difficult to sort (many needed to be next to each other because they were from the same day) in a way that I liked which made it so I was unable to finish prior to needing to work on this page...but I'm okay with that.  My desk was getting rather cluttered up anyway and the clean up gave me a lot more breathing room.  Once again, I took many liberties with the sketch as I'm not a big fan of tilted photos.

Several of the past 6 months worth of kits from Cocoa Daisy have included off white, which isn't a base I work well with.  I am continuing to challenge myself to use more of them because, well, I paid for it and it is also nice to get better at working with colors that I typically struggle with. This layout was made using the May 2014 scrapbook kit and I also pulled out one card from the DITL cards that I bought as an add-on.  I'm quite happy with how the layout turned out even though the ampersand at the bottom really threw me.  I would have just left it off altogether, but several papers meet up in that corner and needed something to cover them up.  I toyed with the idea of using a flair leftover from my weeks 11 and 12 project life spread but I didn't particularly like how they layered (they were both ampersands of the same font) so I just left it as a singular element.  I like my embellishments to be relevant so this one just floating out there not really standing for anything is a new one for me.  I kept the embellishing rather simplistic and I like the result.

 I used some chipboard alphas (very similar to Thickers, except they are actually sticky and the packaging is wider so they are easier to put away) from We R Memory Keepers' Happy Camper line for 'dreams'.  I found these are Tuesday Morning's last week.  'Sweet' was written out using an older set of Dear Lizzy Thickers.  The burlap heart is from the Sn@p DIY line from Simple Stories and the puffy sticker camera is from Amy Tangerine.  I had intended to add more gold to the layout because of the woodgrain foiling on the WRMK alphas but the gold embellishments from KI memories that were in the kit were too much of a yellow gold rather than this gorgeous soft gold and I didn't want them to clash with each other.  Since the cream in the chipboard is very similar to the creams in the papers behind it, I really like the gold addition to help the letters pop a bit.

I  pulled this card from the DITL cards to use for my journaling and layered another burlap heart with a puffy heart from the same set as the camera.  Much to my surprise, most of the cards had a white base, which was quite disappointing considering I had purchased the cards with the intention of being able to use them in conjunction with the scrapbook kit since I wasn't a fan of several of the papers in it.  I stamped and journaled in Stampin' Up Red Riding Hood.  I like how the color works with the red in the Mon Ami collection papers that I used on the layout.  As usual, I accidentally smudged the journaling before it completely dried when I was trying to attach it to the layout but because of the more distressed feel of the layout, it ended up not bothering me at all.

I added in this photo to show the dimension that is added with the burlap stickers and the wood veneer.  These burlap pieces are from Little Yellow Bicycle and I got them on clearance for .44 at Michaels a few days ago.  They are very stiff and thicker than I expected them to be, so they popped up the bottom of the photo just a touch when I added them.  My only complaint about the burlap (the stiffness, texture, and weave are the exact same in both the SS and LYB sets) is that they leave me feeling really itchy.  I had made a wreath using loose burlap and had the same problem and try to avoid it.  I honestly wasn't expecting these to shed in the same manner as burlap in it's fabric form, but they do.  If you are sensitive to that sort of thing like I am, it's just something you'll want to keep in mind before purchasing them.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you've been playing along since there is a great grand prize drawing that will be happening after the next sketch is due!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Project Life Weeks 11 & 12

Wahoo!  I can finally post this spread.  I had to retake all of the photos because the light I was using last night was not the greatest.  I would really love to figure out how everyone is getting such bright and vibrant photos of their spreads (many are on light wood backgrounds, so maybe I need a few planks for photographing, haha).  I stuck primarily with the March Gossamer Blue kit because I really wanted to use the luck themed cards on it since this spread includes St. Patty's Day.  What I wasn't expecting was all of the extra work to make it happen.  My Cameo didn't want to cut any of the digital files correctly so I ended up hand cutting things and I had to do some serious stash searching for coordinating colors because I don't typically use a lot of off-white.  I like the cleaner and brighter look of a pure white base.  I pulled veneer, rub-ons, washi, and three sets of alpha stickers from my stash.  Beyond that, almost everything came from the kit.

 This was the plainest card in the color palette I was using (I didn't want to use the pink) that worked for my title.  The one true title card said 'this week' and since I document two weeks at a time, that one didn't work for me.  My biggest struggle was finding alphas that worked and every alpha besides the October Afternoon alphas I used for the dates that worked with the color palette were gold.  That left me with a very gold heavy title card and I didn't want that.  I lucked upon these two rolls of slightly metallic washi in my stash (I think I got them for .19 at Michael's a couple of years ago during a 90% off clearance sale) and simply layered them on the card.  Initially I didn't have any where the date was, but it felt like the date was floating away from the elements that were anchored by the washi.  Because of how much washi I used here, I didn't feel compelled to use it anywhere else on my page.  Instead, I stuck to using my gold dot washi everywhere else.  The 'our beautiful life' label is a printable from the kit, the rub-ons are Chic Tags and the veneer is Freckled Fawn.  The 'weeks' letters are Thickers and the '11 & 12' is Studio Calico.

 These cards were left pretty simple with just a bit of washi, another printable, veneer and journaling.  I also added Wink of Stella clear  to the veneer and the heart in the printable (I went a little crazy with the Wink of Stella and added it to almost all of the veneer and to several printables as well).

 The two pockets with hair cut photos were a bit tricky.  I wanted to include a couple pics from my DSLR (I'll be doing a spread later just of my youngest to document his first hair cut) as well as the two I snapped on my cell phone.  After realizing I had a ton of photos that would eat into my journaling space, I opted to crop the cell phone pics and layer them on top of the nicer quality DSLR photos.  I am really happy with the end result.

I used the stamp from the kit to make the title, but the 'h' in the didn't want to stamp well (even stamping twice caused the same problems) so I pulled a card from the kit (so the off white base matched), stamped on it and then layered it over the 'oops' stamping.  I added some of the gold dot washi and a flair I made from the printables for the kit.  I actually would have added more but the right side of the spread was starting to feel too heavy since that is where most of the flair ended up. The photo and card were layered on a 4x6 card from the kit that I didn't see myself using (it had an assortment of brush scripty hearts but since one was pink, it was in my 'not likely to use' pile).

 This was another simple journaling card.  I kept the photo plain and kept my embellishing to a minimum on the card.  I found a date stamp that had this really cute squiggly line on it and thought it would look nice layered on top of the printed banners.  I am really happy with the result.  I added a heart enamel dot from the kit (the set is from Chickaniddy Crafts...the Date Night collection, I believe).  I also added some gold star rub-ons from Chic Tags.

 This is the other layered photo.  I was able to leave this one a bit larger because there was more space next to my son, but I kept the embellishing to just the printable label and some more Wink of Stella over the star.

 I left these photos plain.  The only thing I did with them was back them with a lined 4x6 journaling card that came in the kit.  I submitted my photos to Costco with a border (I made them in Pic Frame) and the borders printed on the top, right and bottom, but were completely cut off on the left, so I had to trim all of those photos down to smaller than 3x4.  My 1 year old's hair grows SO FAST (we didn't get our oldest a first hair cut until he was almost 2 1/2 because of his curls) and I love the photo on the right because of how fresh his haircut is.  We're going to have to get it cut again this week.  *sigh*  I loved the once a year hair cut thing verses every few months!

 The card on the left is the reason I wanted to stick with this kit and I'm really happy with it.  I added washi to the top and layered a printable over top of it.  To tie the cards together, I added a simple clover flair to the photo on the right and called it done.

Sorry for the glare here (this was the only one I couldn't get to lay flat enough for a photo).  I had set all of my cards and photos up and left the layout.  Somehow between then and when I sat to work on them again, there were two nasty gouges in the green on my son's PJ's so I either had the option of waiting to get it reprinted (I have horrible luck with photos turning out well at home and didn't want to dig for another card to use as a mat since I had a tough time finding what I already used) 

 I sort of got tired of anchoring all of my embellishments to the edge, so on this one, I added a strip of washi and offset the journaling block (another printable)   I added another flair and although it's hard to see, I also added a star rub-on to it on the bottom left of the heart.

 I just HAD to add this picture.  I never leave the house with my boys on my own because my 1 year old is always cranky.  It's usually after a nap and no matter how well he's slept, how well fed he is, this is how he acts when I'm out in the world alone.  If my husband is with us, he's completely fine!!  It's the 3 year old who runs off when daddy's around (although, I have to give him props that he knows I struggle with Parker so he's really well behaved when I'm parenting solo).  I initially added the flair to the right corner of the photo because I thought it was so funny, then I thought it would be even funnier if I gave him his own little raincloud since he clearly wasn't happy I took this picture.  There is more Wink of Stella on the three veneer arrows and a few more rub-on stars around the date.  I added one to the corner above the first 'm' in memories but then didn't like it.  After rubbing for a good while with my adhesive remover it came of completely.  Because of the issue I had having to crop all of the photos I had done at Costco, I had to back this photo with something.  This part of the layout didn't have much of that matte gold, so I used a card that I didn't want to use.  It's a full 3x4 that says 'lucky to have you' but on the horizontal side is a much smaller version of that phrase.  I cut it out with an Exacto knife to use later.  I didn't realize later was going to be the same layout at the time!

This is where the 'lucky to have you' ended up.  I really like it here because it helps balance the big frame (from a prior Gossamer Blue kit) and adds more of the matte gold/tan color.  I layered over the frame another printable that was cropped a bit smaller and just noted that the photo was taken the same day as the one above it to prove he was in a good mood at some point!  I added Wink of Stella to the heart on the veneer and to the heart in the printable.

I am really happy with how this layout even after the hours and hours I messed with my cameo to get the printables to cooperate.  I'm thinking of starting the next spread tonight but we'll see if that happens.

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This Is Brotherly Love - ACOT/Page Maps Sketch Challenge #69

 This is the current sketch for A Cherry On Top's bi-weekly sketch challenge.  You can see it over on the message boards of their site.  It is due tonight by 9pm PDT.  I will be honest that I was thrown (as I always am) by the tags and banners so I ended up taking quite a few creative liberties to make the sketch work for me a bit better.  My photo was larger and threw off the balance which was the primary reason I had to modify the design a bit.  I'm not sure I love the result as much as my last layout (both used the June Cocoa Daisy Scrapbook kit) but I am still happy with it.

 I didn't embellish too much because I felt like the paper strips gave the interest the layout needed.  After staring at the nearly completed layout last night, my first change was adding the black cardstock to frame the background.  The bright colors needed that grounding element.  My next change was moving the teal mat over (WRMK paper is not forgiving...a lot of the paper pulled up when I was trying to move it, which gave the black cardstock a second purpose).

 I initially tried to follow the sketch's design of the title being on the bottom half of this element, but it really didn't work for me so I made my title longer.  The black thickers came with my kit, but I had the white ones and used those here instead.  I also wanted a bit more interest here because I knew this would end up being one of the focal areas of the layout so I added a couple of strips of washi (both of them are two strips layered together to keep the color from being dulled down by the black underneath them).  One element that I was shocked that I liked was the butterfly.  I received two in my kit and didn't think I'd use them, but I lucked out twice (the Sn@p alphas were a single sheet from the 8 pack so everyone's color varied) and got colors that I would actually use.  Since there were a lot of pink embellishments that I know I am unlikely to use I am pleased that the partials were in colors that I liked.  I had just enough reach on my tiny attacher to staple the butterfly into place.  The 'favorite' sticker from MAMBI was tucked slightly under the butterfly wing just to emphasize it being a transparency.

 I think I like the butterfly in this cluster even better because of the date being stamped underneath it.  Because of the colors, there isn't the slightest bit of readability problems layering the butterfly over the date.  This butterfly was moved a bit further to the left in order to allow my tiny attacher to reach the center.  I tucked a second MAMBI sticker under the wing of this butterfly and got away with tucking it a bit further under the wing because of the black.  Both clusters also have two layered hearts.  The dark grey chipboard heart is from Studio Calico Essentials and the green puffy stickers is from Heidi Swapp's My Favorite Things.  The journaling card is another one from the Amy Tangerine Plus One mini kit.  I had to go through nearly every card before finding one that was orange on the outside.  I knew I wanted orange, but the first one that I grabbed was all white except for the word 'happy' on the top.  The second card was completely orange but it was horizontal.  I let out the biggest sigh of relief when I found this one, it was exactly what I was looking for!

I'm sure I could have embellished a lot more on this layout but I don't usually work with these bright almost neon colors and I think the colors themselves give enough impact that heavy embellishing was completely unnecessary.  One thing's for certain, this layout and any others I manage to complete with this kit will definitely stand out in my albums since the color scheme was way out of my comfort zone.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

You & Me - Scrapbook Steals Daisy #8 Sketch

I really LOVE this week's Mid Week Mojo from Scrapbook Steals (click here to be linked to the blog post for more details) because it was a great way to incorporate project life cards.  I have had the Plus One mini kit for a while and was so happy to finally use some of it.  I used the June 2014 scrapbook kit from Cocoa Daisy and the Plus One kit and there are also a lot of random things from my stash included as well.
 This color scheme really makes me happy.  I toyed with some different ideas for filling in the bottom left of the layout but really didn't come up with anything that worked in a way that I liked so in the end I left it empty.  I really like the color balance the two cards on the right add to the all of the white on the left.  The two large strips of paper on the layout are two sides of the same exclusive design in this kit.  I bought extra because of how much I loved this paper which is starting to become a trend.  Their exclusive designs are just getting better and better.  I double matted the 4x6 photo on a black piece of paper (one side is black and the other is a design that I don't care for from Fancy Pants) and then on white.  The black alone was too much with the 'love' card.  I had planned to mat it on the same Surf cardstock from American Crafts that the background was matted on, but I didn't like how you lost a bit of it with the gap between the papers.  It looked really odd.

 This set of Thickers from the Amy Tangerine Plus One collection came in the kit (but I had it in my stash already after finding it marked down from 3.99 to 1.99 at Pebbles in My Pocket in Orem a few weeks ago...I also got the white pack) and I love how the 'y' is really long and allows 'me to nestle in beside it so well.  I overlapped it with the photo and placed it on one of the 3x4 cards in the mini kit (I've used the 12x12 version of this paper down to just about came in another Cocoa Daisy kit) to anchor it.  I liked this look better than the simple strip of paper that was in the sketch.

 This is probably my favorite stamp EVER.  It's called Snapshot (I think) and it's from Stampin' Up.  It was one of the first things I put on my list when I was working on my order from the new catalog and I just love it.  The scalloped piece is from October Afternoon Daily Flash, the enamel dots are from various packs all from Basic Grey and the 'love' banner is from the Pink Paislee Hello Sunshine puffy sticker pack.  None of these pieces were from the kit and the camera was stamped in 'Not Quite Navy' from Stampin' Up.

I used a lot of teal in this cluster which is not something I typically do, but I am really happy with how it turned out.  I used a Valentine's Day date stamp from American Crafts for the date and 'Not Quite Navy' which is a retired ink from Stampin' Up.  It matches the blue in the heart paper almost exactly.

 The triangles are puffy stickers from Heidi Swapp's My Favorite Things, the flair is a design of mine, and the 'love' stamp is from the stamp set in the kit.  My favorite part about the stamp set this month is the sheer number of stamps that you get.  I'm not sure if this is the first month that Cocoa Daisy has used a guest designer, but I really like the stamps.  I didn't pick up any extras although I was very tempted.  With my big Stampin' Up order, I tried to avoid getting more.  I used the Bermuda Bay marker that I got on the clearance rack on the same SU order as the camera stamp for the journaling.

 I used several of the same elements here that were already used in other areas of the layout, but I did add a puffy heart (same sheet the triangles came from) between a couple of the houses on the Project Life card.  This camera was stamped using Bermuda Bay ink.

I don't think photos do the colors in this layout justice AT ALL.  This looks a thousand times better in person than it does in photographs even though it looks really nice in these still shots, too.  I am very pleased with how this layout came together, even if it did require me to dig into my stash quite a bit.  Much of this month's kit follows a very bright color scheme with many of the embellishments using those colors (all of the buttons and ribbon included were pink, for example) but I really wanted to showcase this paper since it was one of the first ones my eye was drawn to at reveal.  What are your thoughts on Cocoa Daisy's exclusive papers?  Do you agree that they are getting better or not?  If you have this kit, what is your favorite part of it?  This exclusive heart/geometric paper is definitely mine!

Thanks for stopping by!!


****Edit to the above:  Apparently, I lucked out and was informed by an online crafty friend of mind (thanks Michele!!) that I somehow managed to meet some requirements for another challenge without even trying to.  The blog is called Scrap Our Stash and this month the requirements are to make a monochromatic layout (black, white and kraft can be used in addition to a color of your choosing) and 5 different embellishments.  If you want to know the specif rules, please check out the blog post here so you can enter.  The challenge is running through June 29th so you have PLENTY of time to enter!!

I'm not sure if I have more than 5 embellishment types, but I'll list what comes to me here:

1. Washi
2. Flair
3. Die Cuts
4. DIY Die Cut (the cameras were stamped and fussy cut out)
5. Epoxy Stickers
6. Enamel Dots
7. Chipboard Stickers
8. Puffy Stickers
9. Stamping

I think that's everything, but I want to make sure I have all my bases covered just in case all stickers get lumped together even though they are different. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

11 Months - Page Maps Sketch

 I can't find the digital version of the sketch, so I don't have a copy of it to post at the moment, but this was based on a sketch from Becky Fleck/Page Maps.  I have two sketch challenges that I could have worked on yesterday when I sat down to scrap, but this photo was calling me to be finished.  Neither sketch worked, but I had a sketch in the stack I have at my desk that worked, so I went for it.  I had THE hardest time finding a paper collection that worked with the colors in the onesie sticker that I've used for all of the titles for my son's first 11 months.  As you can see if you zoom in closer, the sticker here is a bit worse for wear, so when we ordered the custom onesie for his first birthday, I decided to not take additional photos using the last month sticker.  It took a good deal of distracting him to get even a decent photo because he wanted to grab the stickers every time.  I am thinking for our last child, I may just bite the bullet and order embroidered monthly onesies because the time we wasted trying to get him to not play with the stickers was quite the ordeal every month from about 6 months onward.

I ultimately decided on using Stationary Noted by Teresa Collins.  I used this for another month photo when I was having the same problem with finding the right colors.  Most lighter blues are more on the green side of the spectrum rather than a true light blue.  This is one of the only collections that I have with a true light blue (and oddly enough, I hardly used any of it) but it also has a lot of red.  The red looks great, even with the navy cardstock, but it clashed badly with the tan in the sticker, so I nixed that idea pretty quickly.  I used a WRMK punch to cut out out the strip on the side of the photo and I love how it turned out.  To get it to match up perfectly on the end without having to do any trimming, I discovered that if you match the cardstock up to the edge of the punch housing (not the outside where the diagram is) it gives you that perfect finished element.  I did snip off a bit on one end because the design is a bit taller than 8 inches, though.  I also included a piece of Stampin' Up vellum behind the photo mat for an added bit of interest and to separate the right side of the photo from the grey damask type print that is on the background.  I initially inked all of the pieces to help with the separation but it wasn't enough.  I had totally forgotten about the vellum until I stopped on the layout for the night and noticed it as I was cleaning up a bit.  I wish I had seen it before inking because I would have used this instead of inking.

Since I had only two main embellishment clusters that went on the diagonal across the photo, I put photo corners on the opposite corners of the layout for another element of interest.

The clusters ended up being pretty simple but I love that they help to make the photo even more of a focal piece.  Here I layered three stickers from the coordinating sticker sheet, added a few enamel dots and then a chipboard button.  This is our second child, so I felt the No. 2 on the button was a perfect addition.

 The sketch called for a subtitle here which made it the most optimal spot for the date.  I used a bracket stickers from the same sticker sheet, date stamped onto a scrap of notebook printed patterned paper and then added a couple more chipboard buttons.  I aimed to put a bit of tan into the main elements that didn't touch the title sticker to tie in a bit of that color.

I spent a good deal of time trying to add some elements to the journaling block, but nothing felt right.  In the end, I simply added several enamel dots in blue, tan, and black to fill in some of the extra space that was left when my journaling was finished.

I still think the title sticker sticks out more than I would like, but the colors were so hard to match that I feel this was the absolute best option in my stash.  I usually struggle with such soft colors when working on anything but very new baby layouts, so I am happy to have gotten a chance to use more of this collection when my son was a bit older.

Thank you so much for stopping by!